Google Sheets

Importing CSV files to Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets as a data repository for your Miro data. Work with separate worksheets for CSV file import or build a master worksheet by appending many CSV files with a shared format. You can, for example, build a master worksheet for all tasks in your project for an extended period of time, where you will always be able to find a particular task and go back to the original Miro board item by following the backlink.

  1. Open Google Sheets and create a new, blank spreadsheet.

  2. Click on File in the menu, and then choose Import.

  3. In the Import window, select the Upload tab and select your file from your device

  4. In the Import file settings dialog, choose Insert new spreadsheet or Replace spreadsheet under the Import location options, depending on your preference.

  5. Leave Detect automatically as default under Separator type which will correctly identify the CSV format.

  6. Click on the Import data button.

  7. You will notice a new File imported successfully. Open now option appear in the window. Click on Open now to open the new data sheet.

Freeze the header row

To make working with you data easier, we recommend freezing the first row of the sheet with the column titles.

  1. Select the first row

  2. Select View -> Freeze -> 1 row

Appending CSV Data to an Existing Google Sheet table

  1. Open a master table with existing data

  2. Select File -> Import

  3. Select the CSV file under the Upload tab

  4. In the Import file window, under the Import location drop down menu, select Append to current sheet

  5. Click on the Import data button

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